How to prevent workplace burnout

A piece published today by Fast Company, “5 Creative Ways to Prevent Employees Burning Out,” offers some good reminders about balancing work and everything else. The tips are directed at employers, but anyone can put them to use. And they remind us of some other ways that journalists can help themselves and one another. First, Fast […]

Shed your fears and get going

A piece published on Fast Company today will lift your spirits and help you soar to success. In his “7 Methods to Overcome Your Fear of Failure,” entrepreneur Faisal Hoque gives us hope and an action plan, starting with his description of “fear of failure.” The overwhelming sentiment growing inside of us, gnawing at us, and saying, […]

Algorithms provide powerful tool

There’s an interesting story from Fast Company this week that is a worthwhile read for anyone who is considering a career on the editing side. The piece by E.B. Boyd explores how YAHOO! has used algorithms to dramatically increase its traffic in the TODAY box on its home page. The point is not that you […]