4 ways to inspire ourselves and others

not teaching,still THINKING … Inspiration makes our jobs worthwhile. So does feedback. It’s true of journalism, but we think everyone can relate. With that general idea in mind, here are some key questions we can ask ourselves on a regular basis. What purpose is my work serving in my community and for my audience? It’s […]

‘Are you rocking your internship?’

That’s the question asked and answered in a piece by Patrick O’Brien and Susan Davis-Ali — “Are you rocking your internship? Use this self-assessment to find out” — published on USA TODAY College. Once again, interns are a topic here because first impressions are so important, as are first experiences in professional settings. Our takeaways have to do […]

Interns: Learn expectations to succeed

Summer interns, this is for you: “7 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Summer Interns,” by Jonathan Lacoste on Inc.com. While companies are putting their efforts into giving you a good experience, you can give back to them by learning what they plan for you: Make them feel welcome Treat them like full-time employees […]

How can you recognize a good lead?

Anyone who publishes stories, whether a brief or a long-form piece, must develop an instinct for what makes a good lead. In places where editors do the publishing, they are ultimately responsible. Sometimes this means coaching writers to improve their leads. Other times it means staying out of the way of writers who already possess […]

10 tips for editors on getting along

It seems a good time to revisit the importance of getting along in the newsroom. Many factors can affect the work environment — personalities and pressures among them. A key to comity is effort. Diplomacy helps, too. Getting along in the newsroom is an attribute that will distinguish an editor from a colleague who is […]