10 tips for editors on getting along

It seems a good time to revisit the importance of getting along in the newsroom. Many factors can affect the work environment — personalities and pressures among them. A key to comity is effort. Diplomacy helps, too. Getting along in the newsroom is an attribute that will distinguish an editor from a colleague who is […]

Working together takes effort: Video

Working together is something that should come naturally to journalists because we know how much coordination and communication — with sources, for example — goes into just one story being published. And that’s only what happens outside the newsroom. Now consider the interactions inside: Personal styles Personal relationships Misunderstandings Miscommunication Good of the whole Self-centeredness […]

Getting along in the newsroom

It’s that time in the academic semester when we turn our attention to journalism issues that do not have to do with the craft of editing but, rather, with the skill of working in a newsroom. In a few months, editing students will be heading out to internships or permanent positions. They will be members […]