3 not-so-easy ways to maintain credibility

not teaching,still THINKING … Summer internships are approaching, and journalism interns must take special care with their credibility. Not a journalist? Or an intern? These tips on how to stay above reproach still might apply. Don’t socialize with or enter into relationships with sources. This could mean local government or law enforcement officials, or local […]

6 ways to keep people honest

not teaching,still THINKING … It’s not always easy to know “the right thing” to do, but these tips about honesty can help. They were written from the perspective of editors working with reporters in their all-important relationship. But, realistically, they can apply to just about anyone doing anything in any profession. Educate them. When it […]

5 Ways to Cause Trouble for Yourself

not teaching, still THINKING … Trouble finds us easily enough, but sometimes we cause trouble for ourselves — especially when our personal and professional interests intermingle. Here are five ways we could cause that trouble. Recognize them. Avoid them. Keep your boss in the dark about any conflict of interest, hoping it will go away […]

April 4: Busy? So is everyone else

For the month of April, our blog will be devoted to polishing your professional skills. Everything you need to know about courtesy, manners and common sense. And we do mean “need” to know. APRIL 4 What do you think might be the two most commonly used words to decline an invitation, skirt an opportunity or not […]

Secret ‘patients’ = a journalism lesson

UPDATED 6/28/11 to fix the link to The New York Times story. I read the news today that the federal government plans to use “mystery shoppers” to gauge how the health care system is working, under the headline “U.S. Plans Stealth Survey on Access to Doctors” by Robert Pear at The New York Times. The […]

Keep your credibility

Credibility is vital to journalists and their news organizations. That’s not news. But it is a valuable mantra worth repeating — often. Consider this statement by Lucio Guerrero, former spokesman for Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, as reported in a New York Times story today: “Once you lose credibility, that’s the kiss of death.” Guerrero was […]