How to lead when you want to scream

In a feature published on called “CNY Conversations,” editor Stan Linhorst talks each week with a local person in a leadership role. The Q/A is always about “leadership, success and innovation.” Today, the conversation is with the president of a plastics manufacturing firm, and it offers a great lesson for journalists and communicators. Our […]

Innovating: It’s your job (surprise!)

If you want a quick primer/reminder on what has happened to the news business, and is happening, we recommend Clay Shirky’s piece (“Failing Geometry”) in the latest Columbia Journalism Review. There are a number of other good pieces in this issue’s “The Future of Media: This Minute, at Least.” In his essay, Shirky captures the […]

Reinvent yourself over and over

We both read with interest the news that Cathie Black, of Hearst Magazines, had been named by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to head the city school system. Cathie Black is a former top executive of USA TODAY, dating back to its infancy almost 30 years ago. Her CV contains many firsts. We first […]