Gawker 101 — its history and influence

If you don’t know what to think about the recent shutdown of, then you must read Farhad Manjoo’s column, “Gawker’s Gone. Long Live Gawker.” It is rich — full of history and examples that bring context to the development and decline of the digital service. Here are a few tidbits from the column: “It […]

No willpower? Put a lock on online

Here’s a short one today — but we thought this was fun to share. College students — and more and more, professors, too, for that matter — will have to find a way to manage their social media time this fall so that journalism classes/work get an appropriate share of attention. With Twitter, Facebook, Google+ […]

Nothing funny about hoaxes

It’s April 1. When I was a kid, April Fools’ Day used to be a favorite. But no more. Fake stories and hoaxes of all kinds are a journalist’s nightmare. How easily we can be fooled. There are people whose life’s goal is to punk the press, and they have a better chance at success […]

Internet hoaxes: Wow!

Internet hoaxes: They come in waves, and there are too many to count. They will catch you if you’re not careful, skeptical and alert. Yesterday a colleague sent out this YouTube clip. It’s crazy stuff. “Wow,” he wrote. I watched — and I was impressed. Had I not been in a rush, I would have […]