3 not-so-easy ways to maintain credibility

not teaching,still THINKING … Summer internships are approaching, and journalism interns must take special care with their credibility. Not a journalist? Or an intern? These tips on how to stay above reproach still might apply. Don’t socialize with or enter into relationships with sources. This could mean local government or law enforcement officials, or local […]

How to outshine other summer interns

We just read an interesting post via Fortune, “5 Signs You’re the Star Summer Intern” by Sarah Kauss. She shares great tips. Get your hands dirty Find your voice Embrace opportunity Share passions Show your enthusiasm You really need to read these explanations in full because while they might seem like common sense on the surface, […]

May you always trust your gut

MAY you … For the month of May, we are devoting this blog to our wishes for journalists present and future: “MAY you … “ Every day, you will find a tip, a tidbit or a top-of-mind piece of advice we hope will help you now and later This wish is one you must personalize. First […]

Pranks aren’t funny – many lessons

Hoaxes, pranks, practical jokes. The media are a common target of these. Stay vigilant. A recent prank was played on KTVU-TV in the San Francisco Bay Area. The station issued an apology after an anchor read fake names that were a play on Asian names and were racially offensive. The names were reported as those […]

‘You can’t always get what you want’

Life’s not fair. Or, as pleasantly phrased by The Rolling Stones, “You can’t always get what you want.” We have to remind ourselves of that every day. And, we must hope that those around us remember it, too. Whether you are making an ethical decision, a personal decision or a decision that will affect others […]