‘Just enough’ isn’t good enough

not teaching, still THINKING … When a special occasion comes around and we order a roast to entertain, we always order more than the suggested number of pounds per person who will be seated at the table. Usually the standard is given as 1/2 pound per person. We make it 1 pound per person. The […]

What we learned from a trucker

We might be back at school, but we are still celebrating summer memories. One of them involves a road trip to visit family in Springfield, Mo., about an 18-hour ride. The drive there was uneventful. The drive back not so much. About halfway home, we encountered the dreaded brake lights up ahead, signalling to us […]

Getting Freudian in class

I like to tell students in my classes that journalism’s a psychological game. It’s a fairly recent conclusion that I now strongly latch onto. As a newcomer to the journalism field back in the early ‘00s, I thought journalism was about people. Well, of course it is. Now I realize that when interviewing and interacting […]

Research it! A lesson from TV shopping

We finally decided to replace our TV — a big event! There are a lot of questions: — LCD or plasma? — Which features, from among dozens of choices? — Which brand? — Where to go online for trusted recommendations? — What screen size? — Which friends do we listen to (they all have advice, […]

It’s all in the preparation: Video

In my reporting class, I tell a story about a painting project I did once with my father-in-law, a true handyman. I was downstairs first and eager to begin. I literally had brush in hand when he descended the stairs and called a halt. He informed me that there was at least a day of […]