3 not-so-easy ways to maintain credibility

not teaching,still THINKING … Summer internships are approaching, and journalism interns must take special care with their credibility. Not a journalist? Or an intern? These tips on how to stay above reproach still might apply. Don’t socialize with or enter into relationships with sources. This could mean local government or law enforcement officials, or local […]

How your photos can make an impression

not teaching,still THINKING … Photos are a big draw on social media, and here are some tips to consider before you publish them. These tips are not only for journalists, but also for anyone who posts images. Check identifications. Be sure spellings accompanying images are correct and that they match spellings elsewhere in your post. […]

Job seekers: 3 things you need

In a recent report published by Forbes, we read about the three things job seekers need: “a killer resume, an articulate interview, and a healthy dose of patience” Patience is key. The report, “Study Confirms the American Hiring Process is Now 10.3 Days Longer,” explains what employers do these days to find the right fit. According to […]

Don’t agree to anonymous source: video

Awhile back, we posted a brief introduction to Foofie, who is an identical replica of a stuffed animal my co-author had as a child. That post was prompted by an emailer who asked, “Who’s the bear on the bookshelf in your videos?” Here is what we said: The bear is a dog, and his name […]

Closing of the ‘World’ is a dramatic read

If you want a good read, check out the latest news about the News of the World. Britain’s tabloid, owned by Rupert Murdoch, is closing amid accusations of phone hacking. Today’s New York Times story has everything, and the nut graph says it all: The scandal has shaken the intertwined worlds of press and politics, […]

Journalists: Judge and be judged

Judgment. Journalists use it all the time. It is something we rely on to do our jobs, whether we are reporters or editors, beginners or veterans. Online or print. Or, most often, both. Readers and viewers use their judgment, too, when they assess us. Two stories in the news recently fall into the category, “Don’t […]