It’s time for a long winter’s nap

not teaching, still THINKING … If you were inclined to recline on a winter’s day, would you lay down or lie down? An easy way to know — and to be in the know when using these terms — is to remember the definition of each word. Lay: to place or put, often with “on” […]

Think first, then tell the truth

No good comes from a lie. We have seen that most recently with the made-up story involving four Olympic swimmers in Rio de Janeiro. The fabrication was that they were robbed in a taxi — by police, at gunpoint — when, in fact, they themselves had vandalized a public restroom. The only money they had […]

Journalist caught in a lie, is fired

Three days after we published the post, “Message to Journalists: Don’t Lie,” we find out that a Chicago Sun-Times reporter has been fired after getting caught in a lie. It was a classic case. As Jim Romenesko explains in his Poynter column: “… veteran Paige Wiser was let go after her ‘Glee Live!’ concert review […]

Message to journalists: Don’t lie

Did Rep. Anthony Weiner, who has admitted to having inappropriate online exchanges with women, violate House rules? Should he resign? Is this a matter between only his wife and him? These are among major questions raised in the aftermath of Weiner’s public admission, which followed his repeated denials. The question that stands out for me, […]