Trust this favorite tip to trust yourself

not teaching,still THINKING … Year’s end seems to be a natural time for making decisions of all kinds — some lighthearted, others life-changing ones. In our quest to simplify the complicated when possible, here is a favorite tip for you: Trust your gut. Skeptical about information in a story? Trust your gut. If a story […]

You, your audience and your links

Great minds are trying to figure out today’s world of news — what it should look like, how it should be published, who is consuming it. Among them: Jeff Jarvis, speaking earlier this month at the World News Media Congress in Washington, D.C. Here is his message, according to a report published at under […]

An Interesting Lesson in Search

There’s an interesting story in the Sunday New York Times about how somebody gamed Google Search to great benefit for J.C. Penney. We say “somebody” because Penney says it knows nothing about it. The Times story describes how Penney came up first, or close to it, for dozens of “organic” or “natural” searches (as opposed […]

Links to ads: An ethical dilemma

A couple of colleagues lately have asked me what I think of product links in online stories — where, say, if the iPhone is mentioned in a story an editor links to an online commerce site where you can buy it. News sites are making deals with retailers to do this, in exchange for a […]

Keep readers up to date: Video

We always try to remember that every reader or viewer is not as up to date on our blog posts as we might be. The same is true of stories and developments that you might be covering. Help your audience by reminding them how you got to where you are today on a story. The […]