Choose lively language with these 3 tips

not teaching,still THINKING … Lively language. The way we put words together makes a difference in how our message is received. One way to achieve lively language is to choose strong verbs. Substitute a strong verb for a weak one. Choose verbs that show action. Avoid “there is” and “there are.” Here are some simple […]

April 2: Change the subject line!

For the month of April, our blog will be devoted to polishing your professional skills. Everything you need to know about courtesy, manners and common sense. And we do mean “need” to know. APRIL 2 We all know the frustration of trying to send an email to a group of people and how tedious it can […]

Instagram + a few words = a story

Social media, used the right way at the right time by the right person, can be an effective digital tool to tell a story. That’s how The Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant shared his reaction to news that teammate Dwight Howard was joining the Houston Rockets, according to this item published by USA TODAY . If […]