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These errors led to corrections

When news is accurate, then readers trust the information and the institution. They consider the news product credible. Credibility hinges on accuracy. Once accuracy is in doubt, credibility can be lost. And once credibility is lost, it is difficult to regain. Journalists are in the habit of checking facts and questioning everything. They do it […]

Accuracy check — 8 quick tips

From Think Like an Editor, we bring you some key tips to ensure accuracy in content. Running through this checklist will take less time than it would take to correct any errors or misinformation that otherwise might get past you. Are you publishing content without an editor? This post is especially for you. When you […]

How an unfortunate typo went viral

In the Syracuse community today, we are reading a story about how a typo on a sign outside a local high school went viral on social media, starting with Facebook. Instead of “Martin,” the sign read “Martian” Luther King Day. The unfortunate misspelling caught the attention of someone passing by who snapped a photo with […]

The Dreaded ‘F’ and Why We Need It

In a story, a missing letter or transposed letters in a common noun is considered a typo. The same in a name is an ‘F’ for the story. That’s the mantra every summer in the Newswriting and Reporting class for incoming journalism master’s students at the Newhouse School. We just started Week 2 of classes. […]

Mistakes happen, but don’t repeat them

By now you might have seen this raw video from The Associated Press, showing the presidential limo getting stuck leaving the gates of the U.S. embassy in Dublin, Ireland. How could that happen, given the Secret Service’s advance planning? Because, as someone I know likes to say, “S— happens.” Sometimes, planning is just not enough. […]

Take Responsibility for Missed Deadlines

Even on the best of days, mistakes happen. When they do, the most important action you can take is to take responsibility. Step 1. Acknowledge the error Step 2. Inform the appropriate person Step 3. Understand why the mistake happened and how not to make it again Step 4. Follow the proper procedure for fixing […]