What’s the best way to tell a story?

If you ask yourself this question at the start of any story planning, you likely will move forward with confidence and efficiency — and on a platform that maximizes your content. The key is to know how to handle multiple platforms and tools and to consider your options, smartly. Here’s one strategy: Find inspiration from […]

Audience first — on any platform

A recent poynter.org post — Explore the Makings of Interactive Journalism — supports the thinking that every story, no matter the platform, deserves serious attention not only to the content, but also to the audience, at the start of story planning. Anna Li interviews Andrew DeVigal, who is director of content strategy at Second Story. […]

NBA Finals vs Our Pursuit of Perfection

If you’re following the NBA Finals, you’re well aware of all the talk after Game 3, which put the Miami Heat up 2-1 in the championship series against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Howard Beck writes about “mistakes,” “illusory leads” and “random oddities” in his story — “Heat Far From Perfect, but They’re Good Enough” — […]