Fewer editors in 2020? Not likely

I recently read about an internal report at The New York Times that maps its plan “to accelerate the (digital) transformation while maintaining a commitment to high-quality journalism.” Not surprisingly, the headline on its own coverage states: “New York Times Study Calls for Rapid Change in Newsroom.” Haven’t we been experiencing rapid change for some […]

How would you use the dislike button?

If you’ve been following Facebook news this week, you know the latest. Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and top executive, announced that the social networking site is close to testing a “dislike” button out there. When it hits, watch out. If people use it as intended, they will express empathy or sadness. But Zuckerberg — in comments […]

May you always know when to concede

MAY you … For the month of May, we are devoting this blog to our wishes for journalists present and future: “MAY you … “ Every day, you will find a tip, a tidbit or a top-of-mind piece of advice we hope will help you now and later Whether you golf, enjoy watching it or know […]

Can common sense mean fewer errors?

In a New York Times opinion piece, columnist Joe Nocera makes a case for why some material should be delinked by Google for privacy purposes. The column is aptly titled: “Try a Little Common Sense.” Common sense is underrated and often under appreciated. But it is a trait that all of us can put to good […]

Angry? Frustrated? Call me or drop by

A few days ago, I was reading a piece by Adam Bryant, who writes the Corner Office feature for The New York Times. Bryant crystallizes six things he says business leaders have emphasized to him over the past few years as crucial to success. (Or, as Bryant says, the things that are integral to nurturing […]

Audience first — on any platform

A recent poynter.org post — Explore the Makings of Interactive Journalism — supports the thinking that every story, no matter the platform, deserves serious attention not only to the content, but also to the audience, at the start of story planning. Anna Li interviews Andrew DeVigal, who is director of content strategy at Second Story. […]