NPR leader has some advice for us

When we speak of change in the media industry, we’re often drawing attention to the latest about newspapers and online publishers. Today, we direct you to radio. National Public Radio’s Jarl Mohn talks audience, podcasts and the basics in an interview with Brett Zongker for The Associated Press. Consider this telling line from The Big Story interview: “We don’t have […]

Think digital #32 — keep it simple

The digital world is tightly knit and tightly writ. You’ll find phrases. Fragments. Sentences without verbs. Yet you’ll understand what you read. People are used to the staccato style. The short sentences. Breaking news is delivered as briefs. It’s quick. Sometimes it’s: “This just in…” We’re talking about news and information written specifically for websites, apps […]

The new newsroom

Editor & Publisher column discusses new media and new workspaces.

How much money do you need?

How much money do you need to be happy? That is, what would it take in annual income to satisfy you? Maybe you haven’t earned a lot yet, or even anything. But take a stab at this. Stop for a moment and come up with a number. “I’d be happy if I were paid $75,000 […]

Why Journalists Should Know their Biz

A report coming out today concludes that journalists need to know the relationship between their audiences and their online models. That report, written by researchers at Columbia University, is the topic of a story in today’s New York Times. The intention of the report is to help journalists fully reap the monetary benefits of their […]

Be ‘in the know’ – reading required

The start of the spring semester here at the Newhouse School brings with it requirements in many courses across several programs to keep up with current events. It seems like a simple act to read the news of the day. But how difficult that can be to accomplish. Current events quizzes are an incentive. More […]