May you keep up with industry news

MAY you … For the month of May, we are devoting this blog to our wishes for journalists present and future: “MAY you … “ Every day, you will find a tip, a tidbit or a top-of-mind piece of advice we hope will help you now and later If you are a journalist, young or older, […]

Cultivate your options (video)

Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. That shouldn’t give you a chill. It’s a fact of reporting, for sure — and all of journalism — and you should embrace it. How? By planning for it. If you see problems you encounter as curses, they indeed will be just that. But if you see them […]

The new newsroom

Editor & Publisher column discusses new media and new workspaces.

There is nothing wrong with being nice

If you’ve never read the “Corner Office” feature in the Saturday edition of The New York Times, it is worth checking out. The last one was a real gem, because it hit so many key points that resonate with me. The two questions the Levy Restaurants CEO (Andy Lansing) asks every job candidate. (“Are you […]

Keeping the Writer’s Voice: Video

The writer’s voice is a personal possession that reporters nurture and protect. Editors understand that; they strive to keep a writer’s voice when editing, rewriting or tweaking a reporter’s story. So if the writer’s voice is important to reporters and editors alike, why does the mere mention of the concept often evoke strong emotions from […]

Perceptions = Reality: Video

Journalists have always taken this concept seriously — that what people perceive to be true is true. For example, if readers perceive journalists to be biased, then that is something they have to deal with — even if their print and multimedia stories are factual, well-sourced, substantiated and free of personal points of view. The […]