Read, read, read. Did we say read?

Time to read. Wish I had more of it. If that were the case, I might have finished reading three special books by now. “Of Course You Can Have Ice Cream for Breakfast! A Journalist’s Uncommon Memoir” by Ron Cohen. Just published. Ron is an award-winning journalist for more than 40 years who led coverage […]

Writing headlines? 10 easy steps for you

Headlines and leads share a mission. They must crystallize the best elements of the story, while informing and enticing the audience. Editors aren’t the only ones who write headlines these days. Reporters, especially in digital-first newsrooms, are doing everything: reporting, writing and posting. This means writing and publishing headlines, too. 10 Steps to Writing a […]

Keep your digital readers in motion

When it comes to writing headlines, you probably won’t always have the time you desire to come up with the perfect one — especially when you work in the hurry-up digital world. That’s OK. If you visualize what the story is about while you edit, you can start writing the headline in your head. Focus […]

Retire cliches, rejuvenate your writing

I have noticed variations of “lions and tigers and bears, oh my” — the famous line from “Wizard of Oz” — in everything from music reviews to stories about the zoo. The latest comes in ad copy, on a page in a high-end furniture catalog: “Florals and Stripes and Plaids, Oh My? Oh, Yes!” This […]

Headlines for the Web must be specific

In my editing class yesterday, the topic was “headlines and search engine optimization.” Guest Stephen Masiclat, a faculty member at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, led the discussion. Headline writing is an art for print alone. But when online search engines are taken into consideration, headline writing also becomes a science. Why? With […]