Um, you might want to know this

not teaching, still THINKING … Um. It’s a word that fills time when someone is thinking while speaking. We hear it so often — and use it so often — that it can go unnoticed. Other filler words, however, are not so subtle, particularly when used as a transition of sorts, at the start of […]

Can common sense mean fewer errors?

In a New York Times opinion piece, columnist Joe Nocera makes a case for why some material should be delinked by Google for privacy purposes. The column is aptly titled: “Try a Little Common Sense.” Common sense is underrated and often under appreciated. But it is a trait that all of us can put to good […]

Balance means more than two sides

The seesaw, also called a teeter-totter, has entertained children through generations. Its design is so simple, based on balance. Without balance, the seesaw would not work. And without the extreme highs and lows made possible by that balance, the seesaw would not be a thrill. “Think Like an Editor” Strategy 30: Edit for Balance Balance […]