Put your personal interests to the test

not teaching,still THINKING … Personal credibility is just as important as newsroom ethics because personal decisions can upend all the hard work that journalists put into their jobs every day. And those decisions are important to the audience, too. Consider the following scenarios. As a journalist, what would you do? As a news and information […]

Perceptions = Reality: Video

Journalists have always taken this concept seriously — that what people perceive to be true is true. For example, if readers perceive journalists to be biased, then that is something they have to deal with — even if their print and multimedia stories are factual, well-sourced, substantiated and free of personal points of view. The […]

Think before you publish

I read with interest the column in Sunday’s New York Times by public editor Arthur Brisbane under the headline “What if the Secrets Stayed Secret?” about the latest WikiLeaks release. Brisbane, in his first sentence, described having read the previous Monday’s NYT coverage “with what can only be described as a sinking feeling.” The question […]

10 tips to deal with adversity: video

Challenges of one kind or another face us every day. Some people thrive on the excitement of overcoming them. Others dread the experience. How we deal with adversity has to do with attitude. You don’t have to be a hopeless Pollyanna or a stringent realist. You just have to keep trying. Here are our top […]