Encore: Try, but you won’t succeed

This post originally was published Jan. 16, 2017, reflecting on the end of the fall semester’s editing course. As we begin the spring 2018 semester, now is a good time to reinforce — at the start of the editing course — that we all must do more than try. Just finished folding a set of […]

Nurture curiosity — be the ‘idea person’

One of the most important attributes any journalist can possess is curiosity, because it leads to knowledge. Curiosity leads to answers of all sorts. One way to strengthen curiosity is to start with the simplest things you are curious about in your everyday life. Really simple. Like what time the post office closes on Saturday […]

‘Boom Boom Book’ author shares his tips

Following the theme of our professional daily tips in the month of April, we are sharing a friendly pitch about a newly published must-read: “The Boom! Boom! Book” along with a guest post by the author. Written by Michael Ryan, the book lives up to its subtitle: “Practical tips to make sure your career doesn’t go […]

Distinguish yourself: Three key qualities

Curiosity. Energy. Persistence. These are the most important qualities, some would say, for any journalist. They emerge this weekend in a short Q and A in The New York Times about Aaron Levie, CEO of Box.net, a company that specializes in online file storage. In the Corner Office feature, Levie is talking about the qualities […]