5 Ways to Cause Trouble for Yourself

not teaching, still THINKING … Trouble finds us easily enough, but sometimes we cause trouble for ourselves — especially when our personal and professional interests intermingle. Here are five ways we could cause that trouble. Recognize them. Avoid them. Keep your boss in the dark about any conflict of interest, hoping it will go away […]

How to make wise personal decisions

All journalists have an awesome responsibility. Editors, in particular, have an obligation to protect the credibility of their product and their organization by making wise personal decisions. They can do that by recalling the tenets of ethical decision-making in a newsroom and by remembering the appropriate way to ACT. Assess the situation Consider the consequences […]

Make wise personal decisions: Video

When making important decisions and wise choices that will affect your personal credibility, are you a chipmunk or a squirrel? It all depends on how you approach things. There are three ways to put yourself above reproach, and you can easily remember them by the acronym, ACT. Assess the situation Consider the consequences Take responsibility […]