Read, read, read. Did we say read?

Time to read. Wish I had more of it. If that were the case, I might have finished reading three special books by now. “Of Course You Can Have Ice Cream for Breakfast! A Journalist’s Uncommon Memoir” by Ron Cohen. Just published. Ron is an award-winning journalist for more than 40 years who led coverage […]

Think first, then tell the truth

No good comes from a lie. We have seen that most recently with the made-up story involving four Olympic swimmers in Rio de Janeiro. The fabrication was that they were robbed in a taxi — by police, at gunpoint — when, in fact, they themselves had vandalized a public restroom. The only money they had […]

Shed your fears and get going

A piece published on Fast Company today will lift your spirits and help you soar to success. In his “7 Methods to Overcome Your Fear of Failure,” entrepreneur Faisal Hoque gives us hope and an action plan, starting with his description of “fear of failure.” The overwhelming sentiment growing inside of us, gnawing at us, and saying, […]

10 things to know about giving credit

If you’re new to reporting or editing, if you’re publishing on your own, if you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of plagiarism, here is a quick review that will help you to give proper credit and avoid plagiarizing someone else’s work. The more your work builds on someone else’s original efforts, the more […]

Stay alert for plagiarism, fabrication

News and information, commentary and blog posts, personal and professional websites, reader-generated material and community forums — all of these commingle online. Editors must recognize what is accurate information, and what might be made up or even stolen. It’s not easy. Material moves fast and changes quickly. Provided you and your news organization are doing […]

10 warning signs about credit

Journalists and content consumers, alike, share a need to know where information comes from, who is providing it and how it was gathered. Whether the content is a long-form story in print or a link shared on social media, we need to be able to trust it. To that end, we share 10 warning signs […]