Privacy — heed these 7 cautions

not teaching,still THINKING … Archaic is the word we’d use to describe cautions about privacy that we shared back in 2011 when “Think Like an Editor” was published. We say “archaic” now because privacy at that time was something that seemed able to be protected. Today, it seems, everything is public. Yet those cautions are […]

Chat as if everyone can hear you

A story in the news about Snapchat has us talking, again, about the need to be careful when sharing on social media. In her New York Times article — “Off the Record in a Chat App? Don’t Be Sure” — Jenna Wortham explains how “Snapchat, the popular mobile messaging service, agreed to settle charges by the Federal Trade […]

Privacy depends on our common sense

Last week, I went with a friend to a doctor’s appointment as support while she got a second opinion about a serious medical issue. At times, I was privy to her medical history, her family’s medical history and her current medical condition, including her weight. She laughed when I assured her that “nothing I hear […]

Twitter: Respect its power

Yesterday’s news included an item about John Daly, the pro golfer who posted a Tweet that included a golf writer’s phone number. Daly invited his followers to call the writer and chew him out for a story he had written about Daly; the piece detailed some unflattering things that were in Daly’s PGA Tour file. […]