Rely on your conscience for fairness

Fairness in coverage has to do with being aware of and attentive to nuances, treating people with respect, and anticipating perceptions that readers will take away with them. Fairness has to do with being consistent, yet flexible when circumstances require. A role of journalists is to consider context in making decisions case by case — […]

10 questions in 10 minutes – writing tips

If you have gathered information and conducted interviews for a story, and now you’re stuck on how to write it, here are some questions to ask yourself that might help. They are designed to extract all the good material you already have in hand. If you’re editing someone’s work and are attempting to improve it, […]

‘Unexpressed thought’ = social civility

One of my all-time favorite lines from a TV sitcom was delivered by the character Frasier Crane to his wife, Lilith: “It is acceptable to have an unexpressed thought.” That sure says a lot, especially today when we are exposed to so many thoughts from so many directions, such as reader comments on stories and […]

Reader comments test editors’ judgment

I’d like to thank the professors Davis – Steve and Emilie – for the opportunity to share my thoughts here. I’m an ’01 graduate of the Newhouse School and managing editor of the Kennebec Journal in Augusta, Maine, the state’s oldest daily newspaper. We recently had an experience with a trial story that challenged our […]