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Take 10 steps to better enterprise ideas

In thinking about enterprise story ideas — as master’s students are doing now in their six-week news writing boot camp at the Newhouse School — I am reminded how difficult it is sometimes to develop, as some say, “a story from nothing.” Or so it may seem. But, in fact, the beauty of enterprise ideas […]

Avoid the “I” word: Video

Last week we talked about a “shared language” for content and conversations, and this week we continue the “words matter” theme. If you think about it, you realize how often in story conversations — or in conversations generally — you or someone else says, “I like it.” Or, “I don’t.” In the newsroom, these words […]

Letting things go: Video

Letting things go. Perhaps someone at some time has gently advised you to “let it go.” Maybe you have told someone else — or yourself — this same thing. In interpersonal relationships in the workplace or when handling a story, you’ll be in situations in which you must know when to “let it go.” When […]

Saving a Story: Video

Saving a story requires good judgment and the ability to think clearly and objectively on deadline. The credibility of everyone — reporter, editor, news organization — is at risk when a problematic story is published. That’s why editors must recognize when a story needs attention, and they must know how to react. In our book, […]

Data can’t rule every decision

A tweet from a Paley Center event Friday in New York got me going a bit. The venue was The Future of Journalism Education summit. And the Tweet read something like this: “Just stumped panel with question about who’s following them on Twitter. No one has data.” Ah. Data. Data is great. We find out […]

Curiosity leads to story ideas

Every semester on the first day of class, I ask students to finish this sentence by writing on an index card: “Today, I am curious about …” Why do I do this? I’m curious myself. I like to know what the students are thinking about and what they want to know. Sometimes I read their […]