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Avoid the “I” word: Video

Last week we talked about a “shared language” for content and conversations, and this week we continue the “words matter” theme. If you think about it, you realize how often in story conversations — or in conversations generally — you or someone else says, “I like it.” Or, “I don’t.” In the newsroom, these words […]

Letting things go: Video

Letting things go. Perhaps someone at some time has gently advised you to “let it go.” Maybe you have told someone else — or yourself — this same thing. In interpersonal relationships in the workplace or when handling a story, you’ll be in situations in which you must know when to “let it go.” When […]

Saving a Story: Video

Saving a story requires good judgment and the ability to think clearly and objectively on deadline. The credibility of everyone — reporter, editor, news organization — is at risk when a problematic story is published. That’s why editors must recognize when a story needs attention, and they must know how to react. In our book, […]

Data can’t rule every decision

A tweet from a Paley Center event Friday in New York got me going a bit. The venue was The Future of Journalism Education summit. And the Tweet read something like this: “Just stumped panel with question about who’s following them on Twitter. No one has data.” Ah. Data. Data is great. We find out […]

Curiosity leads to story ideas

Every semester on the first day of class, I ask students to finish this sentence by writing on an index card: “Today, I am curious about …” Why do I do this? I’m curious myself. I like to know what the students are thinking about and what they want to know. Sometimes I read their […]

Audio: Working in Teams

Newhouse School graduate student Alex Seltzer recently completed a video project in which she led a team of reporters for the first time. She describes her experience as difficult at times, but fun in the end. What changed? Good communication between Alex and the reporters. Alex says daily conversations via e-mail, phone and in person […]