Context can enhance even a solid story

BIG numbers. How can journalists convey how big? A good example is found in the work of Manny Fernandez of The New York Times, whose story about Houston after Hurricane Harvey carries the headline: “Over 21 Miles of Highway, Snapshots of a Resilient Houston.” How can we visualize the size of Houston? Fernandez shows us […]

Are you your own editor? Read on

Information moves quickly. So must you. Here are some key questions to ask yourself when reporting and writing a story, especially on deadline. They’ll stick with you. Keep them in mind before you retweet someone else’s story, too. Be sure that any content attached to your name meets basic standards. Be a standout when it […]

Multijob journalist? Key tips for you

    As the fall semester begins and we start anew in the classroom, it is a good time for everyone — all multijob journalists — to review what remains key in our roles as part of an evolving profession. One day after classes started, our own community here in Syracuse, N.Y., experienced a major […]

Working together takes effort: Video

Working together is something that should come naturally to journalists because we know how much coordination and communication — with sources, for example — goes into just one story being published. And that’s only what happens outside the newsroom. Now consider the interactions inside: Personal styles Personal relationships Misunderstandings Miscommunication Good of the whole Self-centeredness […]

Fail first if you want to be a good writer

UPDATE: In the interest of transparency, this post has been updated to reflect the change of one word in the last paragraph: “green” to “fairway.” My co-author pointed out that what I meant to write was that the pro would hit the ball onto the fairway, not onto the green. Actually, I told him, I […]

NYT Public Editor on Today’s Challenges

Lots to think about in today’s column by Arthur Brisbane, public editor at The New York Times. His column is about boundaries and the challenges he sees ahead for the news organization and its relationship with readers. Blending of opinion with news. As Brisbane states: In my experience, people value boundaries, rely on them and […]