Listen! Can you hear the collaboration?

not teaching, still THINKING … Collaboration is one of those words that evokes strong emotion, and not usually positive. When asked about collaboration and teamwork, journalism students in the past often gave these responses: I’d rather work alone I do my best work independently When I collaborate, people don’t show up for meetings Everyone gets […]

Giving thanks in a ‘new (media) world’

We were talking yesterday about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and remarking how quiet the campus had become as everyone starts heading home for an extended weekend or, for some people, a week off. Students in my editing class were out shooting video for a special package about “Surviving Stress,” which is set to be published […]

Shared vision, shared language: Video

“Take a little off the top.” “Just a trim.” That’s universal language, right? Or, is it? Every day, we all have conversations in which we think the other person knows what we are saying. How often, though, we find ourselves misunderstood. Or, we misunderstand. Have you ever looked in the mirror and discovered you’ve had […]