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A lesson in dirty laundry

The other day, as I began to put a load of laundry into the washing machine, for some inexplicable reason, I did something I have not done in all the years I have owned that washer. I put the clothes down, took a paper towel and reached into the fabric softener cup (in the center […]

Copy editors: How little do you care?

The other night, we were watching a TV show, and someone said: “He could care less.” Our heads snapped in each other’s direction. NO! The expression is, “couldn’t care less.” It means that someone cares so little, that the person could not possibly care less. The phrase is commonly misspoken and misstated. Why do I […]

Find your way with an editor’s credo

Today might not be the first day of the spring semester everywhere, but it is here at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School, which brings to mind some thoughts about editors’ credos. A credo is something that will help you to approach your role as an editor with purpose. It will help you to stay focused when […]