We all need a compass for True North

not teaching, still THINKING … For the first time in roughly 20 years, these two profs will not be in the classroom at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School when the fall semester starts. Call it retirement or the start of a new adventure, we won’t be teaching. But we’ll be thinking. What will guide our decisions? […]

10 warning signs of an ethical issue

As newsrooms get leaner, there will be fewer people to turn to when issues arise that require conversation, communication and transparency. It’s a good time to share our 10 Warning Signs that a journalist is facing an ethical situation. This list comes from Strategy 39: Ethics, which is timeless. Every day, journalists face decisions that […]

Find your way with an editor’s credo

Today might not be the first day of the spring semester everywhere, but it is here at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School, which brings to mind some thoughts about editors’ credos. A credo is something that will help you to approach your role as an editor with purpose. It will help you to stay focused when […]