It’s true — there’s only one ‘only’

not teaching, still THINKING … If you listen carefully to what people say, you’re likely to hear this phrase: “one of the only …” It doesn’t make sense. Something can be “one” of a specific number, such as one of three, or it can be the “only” one, meaning just that. Words take up valuable […]

Think first, then tell the truth

No good comes from a lie. We have seen that most recently with the made-up story involving four Olympic swimmers in Rio de Janeiro. The fabrication was that they were robbed in a taxi — by police, at gunpoint — when, in fact, they themselves had vandalized a public restroom. The only money they had […]

New study builds on Blur book

Recently we posted about “Blur,” the Tom Rosenstiel-Bill Kovach book about journalism in the Digital Age. As soon as you read it, we’ve another for you: A Reuters Institute study that in many ways takes off where the book ends. You can get the report — by Richard Sambrook, director of the Centre for Journalism […]

‘Blur’ is A book worth reading

As I recover from surgery, I find I have lots of time to read — and friends have given me lots of books to fill those hours. But I am starting with a book I have had for a while: “Blur,” by Tom Rosenstiel and Bill Kovach. They are the authors of two previous works: […]

Secret ‘patients’ = a journalism lesson

UPDATED 6/28/11 to fix the link to The New York Times story. I read the news today that the federal government plans to use “mystery shoppers” to gauge how the health care system is working, under the headline “U.S. Plans Stealth Survey on Access to Doctors” by Robert Pear at The New York Times. The […]

How Columbo’s style can work for you

It was a sad time yesterday to learn of the passing of Peter Falk, the talented actor who brought TV character Detective Columbo to life. By all accounts, Falk did not merely play the character, he was the character. Falk died at the age of 83, and he was reported to have been suffering from […]