How to fix 3 problems with story pace

not teaching,still THINKING … Let’s face it. We all like a quick read. Sometimes we rely on a mere tweet for information. Or we are in too much of a hurry to read beyond the headline. But it is also true that long-form journalism still exists and thrives, and it still has an audience. Maintaining that audience, […]

Fun? Absolutely — but act carefully

Your audience does not draw neat lines between the personal you and the working you, whether you are self-employed or receive a paycheck from someone else. Twitter has become a particular hazard, where 140-character potshots that are meant to be funny can backfire. Do these tweets showcase humor and sharp-edged sarcasm, or reveal a bias […]

Be the go-to source for your audience

Readers are inundated — not only with news, but also with updates. Think about your own website and news apps and how you can be the go-to source — the favorite — for your readers. One way is to adopt the best practices of the wire services. Publish when you have full knowledge Let readers […]

Multimedia stories aren’t add-ons

The digital world offers so many opportunities to tell stories solely in digital form. To do this effectively, reporters and editors should think in advance of the best ways to tell the story. Ideas for multimedia storytelling should be generated at the outset of story planning, not after a story is written. Think of multimedia […]

Chat as if everyone can hear you

A story in the news about Snapchat has us talking, again, about the need to be careful when sharing on social media. In her New York Times article — “Off the Record in a Chat App? Don’t Be Sure” — Jenna Wortham explains how “Snapchat, the popular mobile messaging service, agreed to settle charges by the Federal Trade […]

How we speak is how we write

Funny how a seemingly simple conversation about tangerines and clementines can spark a lively exchange about language. Here is how it went: Me: Try some of this clementine. It’s really sweet. Other person: What is a clementine? Me: It’s like a tangerine, but it has no seeds. Other person: Why are you saying it has […]