May you trust your gut — and act on it

not teaching,still THINKING … Our top-of-mind advice today — that you always trust your gut — is something you will need to personalize. First you must know yourself. Know your comfort level. Know what makes you uncomfortable. Your gut tells you when something is off, isn’t right, could be wrong. It’s that inner instinct that […]

Be a cautious skeptic — especially now

Look no further than the rash of stories about creepy clown sightings around the country to understand how important it is to be a healthy skeptic. The topic of healthy skepticism is timely, with good reason. Journalists get paid to ask questions, and the aim has always been to ask the right questions to get […]

New at editing? Treat it like a mystery

Editing is a lot like solving a mystery. Detectives are relentless in the search for answers, fixated on the tiniest details. Editors are like that, too. Editors’ minds seem to be “on” all the time, and for good reason. As with detectives, their work requires critical thinking and visual connecting. Consider the challenge of this […]