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Video: ‘So you want to be a journalist’

This video was making the rounds of the Newhouse School yesterday. Some feel it is a little bit “too true.” Others feel laughter is good medicine, and that laughs were made to be shared. We tend to fall into the latter camp. So make of it what you wish. And laugh, if you can. (The […]

Giving thanks in a ‘new (media) world’

We were talking yesterday about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and remarking how quiet the campus had become as everyone starts heading home for an extended weekend or, for some people, a week off. Students in my editing class were out shooting video for a special package about “Surviving Stress,” which is set to be published […]

Work from a checklist: Video

“You can check that off the list.” We say that all the time. Intuitively, we recognize that making a list, and following it, ensures that the job gets done. That it is complete — and done right. But when it comes to journalism, we are often suspicious of anything that sounds like a “formula.” It […]

Shared vision, shared language: Video

“Take a little off the top.” “Just a trim.” That’s universal language, right? Or, is it? Every day, we all have conversations in which we think the other person knows what we are saying. How often, though, we find ourselves misunderstood. Or, we misunderstand. Have you ever looked in the mirror and discovered you’ve had […]

‘What will be my specialty?’

I got to talking with some colleagues this week, and the conversation turned to “specializations.” The group included a magazine editor, and she remarked that she feels today’s college graduates in the print majors need to be strong writers and editors and learn a bit about the “visual side,” but not expect to be strong […]

Questions — Ask and remember: Video

Asking questions. We have mentioned this before, and it comes to mind at this time in the semester. Graduating students have questions about jobs. Returning students have questions about registration for fall classes. Professors have questions about projects due now — hint, hint. Prospective employers have questions for job candidates. We all know the importance […]